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I record listed here frequently requested inquiries about Candex. Did you take nearly anything else even though you took the Candex? A woman just lately got some and commenced using it yesterday as suggested on the bottle - two caps in morn and 2 caps ahead of bed. Did you have any "die-off" reactions to it? She acquired a super migraine yesterday (only the second one particular she has ever before had - started with the spots/crazy eyes, so she realized it was coming) followed by about three incredibly intensive waves of nausea that lasted only a minute or so and left as promptly as they arrived. Is that "die-off"?

Also, did you get constipated at all even though on it? She acquired two bottles well worth and will do it all over again in a couple months. The only matter that has presented me any "die-off" reactions up to this place is the GSE. Die off reactions are just key fatigue, nausea and muscle soreness and weakness.

She was consuming Candimycin (sp) by Phyto Pharmica and alternating with SF722. She did that two x, 4-day rotation each then did the GSE for two days. Then the Candex arrived in so made a decision to give it a whirl. She was wondering if the Candex is plenty of for the up coming days or if she ought to incorporate some thing else to eliminate at the exact same time.

She is even now on the Homozon (which is meant to destroy the Candida too) one teaspoon in the am and exact same in the pm. As nicely as floor flax three-4TBLS clean just about every morning, one.5g Taurine, garlic, molybdenum, Vitamin Do, Coral Calcium in the am and pm (will be switching to just Fungicide am shortly) and just received in some flax oil and some much more Glutamine which she will begin the two once more tomorrow. And she just began adding three TBLS chilly pressed olive oil blended with 1/two lemon every early morning upon growing.

Do you all consider that is overdoing it, not adequate, or what? She also beverages a ton of h2o a day - easily 100oz (and I weigh 150lbs).